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It’s a new year, and everyone is making their new year resolution, but as you are doing so try to be realistic with it.

We bring to you these 10 Mohbad Motivational lyrics that we think you should use as a guide in making your New Year resolution.

Oya – Let’s go 👇

“I know there’s a day all my pains will go away, till then, I party away”

No condition is permanent. Even if the year isn’t off to a good start or it gets weird in the middle, be grounded in the knowledge that your situation isn’t permanent.

So, don’t forget to live while coping with the shege.

“Survivor, mi o nigba”

“No gree for anybody” is the unanimous mantra for Nigerians in 2024, but it seems Mohbad already knew this.

Whatever situation you find yourself in this year, make sure you come out as a survivor and refuse to accept defeat.

“My grace na automatic”

Calmness comes when you have this belief that everything will fall into place for you with just minimal effort.

Having an automatic grace means you don’t have to do too much to get popping.

“Iku to kpa teacher, o le kpa awon nigga”

In all you do, remember tomorrow isn’t promised, death knows no age!

So live your life fully. Laugh, love, and make lasting memories that’ll cuddle your loved ones when you’re gone.

“Been through many things, though I still find my peace”

Nigerians living in Nigeria know the hell we all went through last year and we are still here.

But will you allow your situation to define you or will you consciously choose peace through everything that happens this year?

“This kind life e tire me”

Write down this Mohbad’s lyric as a daily reminder to pick a battle against the life you don’t want.

“If them no want you on top, make you go to church, make you pray to God”

Your cue to cling to God or whatever you believe in. Your enemies aren’t pressing pause, and neither should you.

“Punch won, ko check won”

If anyone tries you this year, they should be ready to find out – Ko Punch won!

Vawulence is needed in some Nigerian contexts.

“I’m not a womanizer”

This should be your daily word of affirmation if you’re finally ready to leave your philandering ways in 2024.

When you get the urge to enter that DM or ask for that number, remind yourself that’s not who you are.

“Music no need permission to enter your spirit”

Music is therapeutic and spiritual. Whatever you go through this year, always remind yourself to turn on the music.

It might just be the perfect escape you need to get through the shege you currently dealing with.

So Guys 👇

Which Of These Mohbad Motivational Lyrics Do You Like?

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