Ecuador grapples with a state of emergency following the escape of a powerful gang leader, masked individuals have stormed the set of TC Television in Guayaquil, shouting threats and claiming to have bombs.

Gunshot-like noises were heard as the live broadcast captured the scene.

The channel transmitted for 15 minutes before being abruptly cut off, showing employees on the floor with someone heard yelling “Don’t shoot!”.

According to the Mirror on Tuesday, Ecuador’s Police have also deployed units to secure media facilities in response to a series of nationwide attacks, including explosions and the abduction of police officers.

Police reported four officers were kidnapped on Monday night and remained missing, one in the capital, Quito, and three in Quevedo city..

Separately, agents arrested two people for possession of explosives and as suspects in at least one of the attacks in the South American country.

The government has not said how many attacks were registered in total, but local media reported several, including some in northern cities, where vehicles were set on fire, and others in Quito, including an explosion near the house of the president of the National Justice Court.

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