How To Become Successful As A Nigeria Upcoming Artist In 2024

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Nigeria has a vibrant music industry, with artists from all over the country making waves both locally and globally.

If you are an upcoming artist in Nigeria and you want to be successful this 2024, here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success.

How to Become a Successful Upcoming Artist in Nigeria 👇

Improve Your Music Skills

The paramount focus for any artist involves refining their craft. This entails regular practice, seeking feedback from peers, and exploring various genres and styles.

Diligent practice enhances your skills, allowing continual improvement. Growth is also needed to make it big in the music scene.

You can’t be using 2015 knowledge to please the 2024 audience.

Have a Robust Online & Social Media Presence

In recent times and with trends in the industry, artists must establish a very strong and formidable online presence.

This entails creating user-friendly social media pages with consistent, high-quality content.

Artiste should also have a well-crafted EPK that serves as an informative hub about you and your song – Need a sharp EPK? TALK TO NAIJALOADED HERE

Network with Peers and Industry Professionals

Networking is a linchpin for artistic success. Attend industry events, connect with fellow artists and producers, and seek collaborations whenever possible.

Expanding your professional circle opens doors to numerous opportunities for showcasing your music.

Promote Your Music Aggressively

Creating exceptional music is just the beginning; effective promotion is key to ensuring it reaches a wider audience.

Utilize various channels such as streaming platforms, music videos, live performances, and social media to broadcast your work.

Reach out to radio stations and blogs to explore potential features and airplay.


Assemble a Supportive Team

As your career advances, assembling a competent team becomes crucial. This may include a manager, publicist, booking agent, and other professionals who can assist with scheduling, promotion, and securing gigs. A reliable team is instrumental in navigating the complexities of the music industry.

Embrace Patience and Perseverance

Success is a gradual process that demands time, dedication, and hard work. Stay committed to creating exceptional music, promoting your brand, and expanding your fan base.

Uphold your dreams with unwavering determination, recognizing that true success unfolds over time.

Here are some additional tips for upcoming artists in Nigeria:

Be original

The Nigerian music industry is full of talented artists, so it’s important to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Be yourself and create music that is unique to you.

Be consistent

It’s important to release new music and content regularly to keep your fans engaged.

Try to release new music at least every few months, and post new content on social media daily.

Be professional

This means showing up on time for gigs, being prepared, and being respectful to everyone you work with.

It also means being professional in your online presence. Avoid posting anything controversial or offensive on social media.


Be humble

No matter how successful you become, it’s important to stay humble and remember where you came from.

Be grateful to your fans and supporters, and always be willing to help other artists.


The music scene in Nigeria is highly competitive, yet it presents abundant opportunities for emerging artists.

By adhering to the aforementioned advice, on How To Become Successful As A Nigeria Upcoming Artist In 2024

Maintain patience and persistence, and steadfastly pursue your dreams without ever giving up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should upcoming artists prioritize?

Upcoming artists should focus on key aspects like honing their craft, establishing a robust online presence, networking with fellow artists and industry experts, promoting their music, and assembling a supportive team.

How can I increase the exposure of my music?

To broaden the audience for your music, consider submitting it to music blogs like Naijaloaded, creating music videos, performing live, leveraging social media for promotion, and reaching out to radio stations.

Engage with these platforms to explore opportunities for playing or featuring your music.

What are the ways to assemble a team?

Building a team can be achieved through connecting with fellow artists and producers, participating in industry events, and hiring professionals like a manager, publicist, or booking agent.

How long does it take to achieve success as an artist?

The timeline for achieving success varies based on factors such as talent, hard work, and dedication. While there is no universal timeframe, it’s essential to remain patient, persistent, and aware that success is a gradual process.

What should I do if I feel depressed?

Feeling discouraged is a common experience, especially when striving for goals without immediate results.

Remind yourself of the initial reasons for pursuing music, stay focused on your objectives, and seek support from fellow artists and industry contacts.

Never abandon your dreams, and maintain your perseverance through challenging times.

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