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Naira Marley, presents his latest single titled “OMO (On My Own)“ with catchy lyrics

Enjoy the Lyrics of ‘OMO (On My Own)‘ by Naira Marley

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OMO (On My Own)by Naira Marley



T′emi ba tin k’orin, ki iwo shama jo

T′emi ba tin k’orin tuntun, ki iwo shama jo-ohh
I’m on my own, I′m on my own, baby oh
I′m on my own, I’m on my own

It′s up-up, iGhanda
I was in Amsterdam, smoking zaza
It’s all hate, they′re liars
I covered draba’, k′ama ri yen rara
Obviously, nobody badder
Olohun l’oun gbe’ni ga lai lo ladder
Won fe pa′na bi NEPA
Ka dobale fun rara o soh pe k′ama ga

I’ve been hurt before, so, I know nothing last for long (nothing last for long)
Let me tell you ′bout fake friends
Never mind, they just come and go (they just come and go)
I showed love, I get none back
It’s okay, that′s just how it goes (that’s just how it goes)
Some said “I′ve changed”, I didn’t come this far just for steady simp

Eyan le, eyan buru, eyan ni’ka gan
But, as a Marlian, mio foh
Mummy talk say “I no go fall”
Ni toto, won fe pa′ro momi, ko jo
Dem wan change my story
But, I give God glory

T′emi ba tin k’orin (t′emi ba tin k’orin oh)
Ki iwo shama jo (ki iwo shama jo)
T′emi ba tin k’orin tuntun (t′emi ba tin k’orin tuntun)
Ki iwo shama jo-ohh (ki iwo shama jo-ohh)
I’m on my own (on my-on my, on my-on my)
I′m on my own (I′m on my), baby oh
I’m on my own (I′m on my own)
I’m on my own (I′m on my own)

End Of The Lyrics of Omo (On My Own)

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